Terms and Conditions – Free Call
With the FREE CALL service of www.vrisko.gr the users may contact free of charge those of the professionals who appear on www.vrisko.gr and have requested cooperation with the service by following the procedure below:
1. The user clicks on the FREE CALL icon that appears for the professionals who have requested cooperation with the service
1. next a contact form appears and the user must fill in his telephone number (fixed or mobile) that will receive the call made from www.vrisko.gr, as well as a security code (captcha) and then click on the FREE CALL icon
After he clicks the FREE CALL icon, the user accepts the call through the www.vrisko.gr infrastructure on the telephone number that he has given in the communication form in order to contact with the professional. The maximum duration of the call is 10 minutes.
www.vrisko.gr records the status of the call that the user makes, e.g, completed, unanswered by the user or by the professional, busy line, etc.
For the proper use of the service, www.vrisko.gr may set limits on the access to and use of the service. More specifically, it may set restrictions to how often a user may use the service or to the access to and use of the service from the same IP address. In addition, it reserves the right to block the access to the service if such limits and restrictions are violated, at its discretion.
The use of the service by the users means that the users give their consent to www.vrisko.gr to process their data in the context of the service. More specifically, according to the definitions of L. 2472/1997, as applies from time to time, Newsphone Hellas is responsible for the processing of the users’ personal data. The users’ personal data that is collected and processed for the provision of the service is the user’s telephone and his IP address.
www.vrisko.gr takes the appropriate measures, in compliance with the each time applicable National and European Law, for the protection of the personal data of the Services’ users. The recipients of the information are Newsphone Hellas and its staff, as well as any natural person or legal entity to which Newsphone Hellas is obliged or entitled by the law or a court order to disclose such information.
www.vrisko.gr gives the users the right to correct their personal information by sending an e-mail to the email address info@vrisko.gr.
The user also declares that he has been informed though these terms and conditions that appear on www.vrisko.gr about his right:
a. To be informed about the processing of his personal data and the disclosure of his personal data by www.vrisko.gr to third-parties
b. To have access to his processed personal data
c. To object to the processing of his data, in accordance with articles 11-13 of L.2472/1997 on the protection of natural persons from the processing of their personal information.
Any person (user, professional or other) may request not to include his telephone number in the communication form that is filled-in by the user of the service by sending and email to the address info@vrisko.gr.
Note that the website browsing by the users and the provision of the services are subject to the terms and conditions set forth at www.vrisko.gr.