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Company Description

Welcome to GearTech Engineering website. GearTech is all about automotive highperformance applications as well as research in alternative fuels and practical applications. Our company is located in Athens Greece and our core activities are:

  • Performance parts sales (Hondata, Spoon, AEM, Skunk2, XYZ,, Supertech, ARP)
  • Advanced ECU Tuning (standalone, piggyback or stock ECUs) on our Dynapack 2000 load dyno
  • Fully equipped workshop and alternative fuel fitting center (propane, LPG, CNG, methanol, E85)
Products / Services Description
  • Tuning - Tuning Packages
  • Dyno - Dynapack Dyno
  • ECU Tuning - ECU Programming
  • Service shop - Service convention & racing vehicles
  • Suspension Setup - State of the art suspension setup
  • Engine Building & Blueprinting - Analysis & developement of high performance engines
  • Alternative Fuels – LPG/CNG

Optima, Dragster
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