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Company Description
Ms. Viktoria Kapasakalidou was born in 1974 in the former USSR.
She is a graduate of the Faculty of Philology of the Russian Christian Humanitarian Academy (with honours) and of the Saint Petersburg State University, Russia.
She has been awarded the following qualifications: Philologist, English language Teacher, Translator.
She taught Greek at the 200th Primary School and the Greek Community of St. Petersburg during school year 1995-1996.
After having worked for many years as Tourist agency manager, she established, in 2010, the Translation agency "Gefyra" (meaning “Bridge” in Greek) in the center of Thessaloniki, in order to provide quality translation services to individuals and companies. Within a few years - in the midst of a crisis – she has managed to attract and build a significant client base, thanks to high quality translations and her distinguishing features of responsibility and courtesy.
Products / Services Description
Gefyra offers interpreting and translation services from and to 30 languages (English, Arabic, Moldavian, Bulgarian, French, German, Georgian, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Croatian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Turkish, Czech, Ukrainian etc.) of any content (commercial, tourist, legal, medical, technical, literary, etc.), including translation services directly from one foreign language to another, as well as undertakes the translation and localization of webpages and books.
Ms. Viktoria Kapasakalidou is a member of the Pan-Hellenic Association of Translators (PEM) and accredited translator for the General Consulate of Russia in Thessaloniki. Ms. Kapasakalidou and her associates are very experienced in the translation of contracts, statutes, proxies and other legal documents. Specific knowledge and skills of interpretation - mediation between representatives of different languages and cultures. Convenient location. Work experience with customers from all over Greece and abroad. The main advantage of the “Gefyra” Translation Agency is its high quality translations, that exceed your expectations!

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