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Company Description
As a graduate of the School of Architecture of NTUA (National Technical University of Athens), with a postgraduate degree in conservation and restoration of historic buildings and sites, Jane Kiritsi is active in the elaboration of architectural studies for more than a decade.
Each project undertaken by our office is a challenge for creative expression, regardless of its size. Taking into account that architecture is the art which produces the space that welcomes people's lives, the focus is on the quality of space, functionality and bioclimatic design.
The goal is to create spaces friendly and comfortable to individuals. Regarding new structures, the point is to orchestrate the landscape with consideration so as to highlight the specific qualities of the spot-scene that will welcome them.

Each new project begins by exploring the goals and visions of employer, followed by the careful inspection of the project site and the examination of any particular circumstances. Using the above information the building program is analyzed and the preliminary study is conducted.
Products / Services Description
Architectural studies and Issuing building permits (with all the necessary studies of different specialties)
Restorations and Renovations of buildings
Configuration Studies for interiors and exteriors
Design of special constructions
Supervision of constructions
Issuing of energy certificates
Submission of arbitrary constructions according to the provisions of law as in force.
Topographic surveys
Various scales of construction works -Our crews are able to undertake all stages of construction work.

Projects undertaken in Greece:
House in Pollonia village, Milos island, Greece (nominated for 2005 architectural awards by the Hellenic Institute of architecture)
Complex of six self-contained tourist residences in Pollonia village, Milos island, Greece
Four Vacation Houses, Milos Island, Greece
Transformation of a villa built in the ’70s into three independent homes, Ekali, Athens
A Two Floor Residential Building in Gerakas, Athens, Greece
Apartment building in Halandri, Athens
A two house complex in Penteli, Athens, Greece

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