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Company Description
Lexis Translations consists of a group of highly experienced and specialised translators, especially in Greek Translation Services.
We are a top quality language translation company that provides translations and text editing to and from the following languages: From Greek to English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Portuguese, Polish, Ukranian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Chinese, Arabic and vice versa.
We specialize in Legal Translations and Technical Translations and ensure the quality of our work is of the highest standard. All our translators have performed extended studies in their field, and their knowledge in depth of Greek and other languages they are specialised in, is quite profound...more
Products / Services Description
We are able to translate and edit written texts in the following fields:
Theoretical / Legal / Financial / Technical / Scientific / Medical / Non-Specialised / Book Translations / Travel Guidebooks / Websites / Brochures / Student Essays / Articles / Certificates / CVs & Diplomas

Translate, Theoretical, Legal, Financial, Technical, Scientific, Medical, Non Specialised, Book Translations, Travel Guidebooks, Websites, Brochures, Student Essays, Articles, Certificates Diplomas
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