Carpets Cleaning & Warehousing, Mattress Cleaning
Company Description
Petras Enterprise is there for you for the maintenance, keeping and cleaning of your precious carpets, with standing the times since 1952. Third generation today following the steps of our tradition and techniques in cleaning from Minor Asia, we continue with the same spirit, dedication and passion from our ancesstors.
Products / Services Description

Technology serving tradition. The experience of so many years, the well-trained stuff, the instant and reliable service, the knowledge all compose the guarantee for a complete result.
Every carpet, handmade or machine made requires a unique handling in order to resist time.

Basic services
The cleaning of handmade or machine made carpets, using anticorrossive techniques and deep cleaning of mites, dry-cleaning of duveys, blankets and thick blankets by piece, carpets repairs.

Special services

  • Sales of handmade carpets under order
  • Evaluations and repairing of valuable carpets from a Persian experienced professional

Attention: Our quality cleaning contributes to the revival and time resistance of your carpets. Our new technological machines contribute also to the  savings of energy and water consumption. The ecological - bio - products we use to the protection of the environment.

Carpet Cleaning, Valet Cleaning, Storage Of Carpets, Dry Cleaning Of Duveys, Dry Cleaning Of Blankets, Anticorrossive Cleaning Of Handmade And Machine Produced Carpets, Cleaning Of Matresses, Handmade Carpets, Repair Of Carpets Or Handmade Carpets, Cleaning Of Unpholstery Sofas Armchairs, On The Spot Cleaning Of Upholstery Carpet Cutting
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