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Dodekanisou 2, Thessaloniki, 54626, THESSALONIKIS
Translations , Interpreters
Gefyra offers interpreting and translation services from and to 30 languages (English, Arabic, Moldavian, Bulgarian, French, German, Georgian, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Croatian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Turkish, Czech, Ukrainian etc.) of any content (commercial, tourist, legal, medical, technical, literary, etc.), including translation services directly from one foreign language to another, as well as undertakes the translation and localization of webpages and books. - Ms. Viktoria Kapasakalidou is a member of the Pan-Hellenic Association of Translators (PEM) and accredited translator for the General Consulate of Russia in Thessaloniki. Ms. Kapasakalidou and her associates are very experienced in the translation of contracts, statutes, proxies and other legal documents. Specific knowledge and skills of interpretation - mediation between representatives of different languages and cultures. Convenient location. Work experience with customers from all over Greece and abroad. The main advantage of the “Gefyra” Translation Agency is its high quality translations, that exceed your expectations!
Ermou 57, Thessaloniki, 54623, THESSALONIKIS
Translations , Interpreters
Nemeas 20, Thessaloniki - Charilaou, 54249, THESSALONIKIS
Translations , Interpreters
Aristotelous 26, Thessaloniki, 54623, THESSALONIKIS
Translations , Interpreters
Vas. Olgas 38 & Str. Kakavou 2, Thessaloniki, 54641, THESSALONIKIS
Translations , Interpreters
Perikleous 41 & TTh 146G, Plagiari, 57500, THESSALONIKIS
Translations , Interpreters
Ioustinianou 5A, Kalamaria, 55110, THESSALONIKIS
Translations , Interpreters
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