Pharmacies on Duty & Open Pharmacies Karystos EVIAS

Sachtouri 80, Karystos, 34001, EVIAS
2224023543 Map Directions
On Duty
Tuesday 1/28/2020
08:00-08:00 (next day)
On Duty Now
Sachtouri 124, Karystos, 34001, EVIAS
2224023855 Map Directions
On Duty
Wednesday 1/29/2020
08:00-08:00 (next day)
* Extended Opening Hours
In municipalities where 2 to 6 pharmacies operate, the on duty pharmacy is not required to remain open throughout the on duty hours (day or night). After midnight, only urgent cases will be handled.
Source: Local Pharmaceutical Associations or Pharmacies
Last Update: 1/29/2020

Day of Duty

Wednesday 29/01/2020
Thursday 30/01/2020


On Duty
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